Why organic cotton?

We wanted to start off the essentials collection with a classic cotton without any blends. There's just something about 100% cotton tees—they feel like they can be worn all day, every day. Which is the purpose of pairing it with these staple tee's. 

As far as organic goes, organic cotton is grown without using pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified. Typically, around 1/3 of a pound of agricultural chemicals are used in the production of a single conventional cotton T-shirt. Organic cotton crops yield higher organic matter, thicker topsoil, lowers modulus rupture, thus reducing soil erosion. As well, one acre of organic cotton compared to an acre of conventional cotton reduces the release of CO2 by two tons a year. 

About GOTS

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is "recognized as the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers worldwide. It defines high level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain of organic textiles and requires compliance with social criteria as well." All phases of organic fiber and fabric production must be inspected and certified according to GOTS' strict, uniform standards in order to obtain the certification label "organic".